Domain Search – 06/01/06

A simple utility that uses ajax and php to poll the DNS servers in order to determine the availability of domain names.


Network Ping – 4kb – 09/06/06

Basically, you specify your subnet (it guesses for you in case you don’t know) it pings the entire subnet and returns a list of all the “live” computers on the subnet. This was designed to look for piggybackers on a local lan.

WordPress Plugins

For these, you need to download the file, and rename the extension from “.phps” to “.php”, upload to your plugins directory, and then activate the plugin.

This Day in History – 2k – 01/13/06

This is a utility that will look into the history of your blog, and pull up a post you wrote on this day in a previous year (give or take a day). Just include “<?php thisdayinhistory(); ?>” in your php for your template somewhere.

Post Counter – 1k – 09/13/06

Here we have a plugin that tallies your posts since the launch of the blog, and for the current year. Add “<?php post_counter(); ?>” into your php template somewhere.