Absolute Pricing in Magento

For some reason, Magento will only allow you to show the difference an option will have on the price of a configurable product. For example, if you are selling a shirt for $15, but the extra larges cost $17, the extra large option would show (+$2). And, while this makes sense to me, it does not make sense to everyone. So, some clients prefer to have absolutely pricing in the options. In this case, the example above would show $17 for the extra large option.

People have been working on solutions for this on the boards for a while. However, they all involved editing core files, and a lot of them. I try never to edit core files, just because of the nightmares it creates in upgrading. And, I did not want to put the time investment into writing a whole module for it. So, I just whipped up a script to change the presentation to absolute.

You can view my solution, as well as many others on the relevant thread over on the magneto forums: