DDE: Undermountain – Session 1

Wednesday evening I particiapated in the first session of D&D Encounters: Undermountain. This time I stuck with the local game shop instead of going up north. The environment could not have been much different. We had seven players, and almost all of us had little to no 4e experience. This was also the first time that the DM had attempted to run anything 4e, so that was interesting. The individuals themselves were…colorful. The environment was much more casual, but the social interactions were much less fluid. It was kind of like going to a friend’s house for dinner. Sure, everyone was friendly for the most part, but you weren’t part of the inner circle. I believe the party consisted of three groups of people that already knew each other, and there was not very effective cross calaboration between groups. This may be in part to the fact that we were playing a group of with seven people.

The actual game itself was something of a blunder for me. I began by playing the counterpart to my Living Forogotten Realms character. Unfortunately, despite being very similiar characters the experience could not have been more different.

While in LFR my character was essentially a meat grinder scredding enemies like they were nothing. In DDE my character was all but utterly ineffectual. Sure, I laid in some status effects, and got a few guys with passive damage, but the minor advancements were surpassed by my plethera of misses, negating my damage roll by enlarging my spell, and the crowning achivement of the night.

During the last turn of the encounter I wanted to do something memorable, but ultimately pointless. So, I was going to attempt to do a double move and cast light on the last remaining enemy. Unfortunately, the result did not go quite as planned. I needed to cross a bridge to get close enough to cast the spell, almost the entire party crossed the bridge without a problem. Hell, one of them just jumped across the ditch. I on the other hand failed my acrobatics checked, and then failed my saving throwing landing my poor character head first into a river of sewage. Oh well, at least everyone got a laugh out of it. Before we entered the dungeon the party did a vote and determined that my character needed a bath first.