DarkRoom Air

I got some good and bad news for everyone. While I find it difficult to find time to work on the windows version of DarkRoom, I do not intend the pull the binary. So for people that are currently using it, they are welcome to continue, and will always be able to come here and get it, for free.

Now is where things getting interesting.

I need to lean Flex for a client project, and while poking around in it, I had an idea. I can make a much nicer version of DarkRoom, and release it as a cross platform air app. Aside from becoming cross platform, this transition would also allow much greater control over the interface that was possible using the tools the .net version is built on. My particular interest is in kerning and letting spacing, which are simply built into the text area, no monkey business necessary.

My only concern about this endeavor will be the stability of the application. So, as soon as possible I will be posting an alpha, and I would like people with large files to start using it. Ones that you know the regular DarkRoom would handle without problems, but might make a flex app choke.

Dark Room Lives

A few people have been wondering whether or not the project was dead, because it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. While it isn’t dead, I haven’t had the time to work on it. But, I have no intentional of just letting it fall along the way side.

I have decided it might be in the best interest of the project to bring on another person of two in order to start getting some of these outstanding bugs taken care of. So, if anyone is competent with C# and the .NET framework, drop me a line.

Dark Room Update (

This update has been a long time in coming. I wanted the next one to be a bigger release with a couple of new features. But, I haven’t had the time to work on it, so I am releasing this with some rather critical bug fixes. Release Notes


1. FIXED: Ability to open files with accented characters
2. FIXED: Text mod state preserved when preferences changed
3. FIXED: Window title not updating when file saved
4. FIXED: Crash when config file is write protected
5. FIXED: Files saved with Unix line breaks
6. FIXED: Wordcount RegEx

Check out the Dark Room Project Page

Or, just download now.