Dark Room 0.8b Download Link Fixed

I uploaded my archive of Dark Room releases to the github project I plan on releasing the code on. I have updated the link on the Dark Room page to reflect this. The source code is not yet up there. I am going to do a release of Dark Room X, and then I need to add the license notice to the Dark Room W (formerly Dark Room). After that is all squared away the code will be released.

Dark Room Update

Some people have noticed that the link to Dark Room is broken. Basically, I have been in the process of switching hosts, so the domain it was hosted on is currently not hosted. However, I am also in the process of setting up the new home for dark room, and working on getting the projects open sourced. I think that for the short term I will be putting up a temporary link in place of the broken link, and then replace it with a more permanently solution a little further down the road.

In order news, I am leaning towards calling the new version “Dark Room X” with the x for cross platform. I was originally calling it “Dark Room Air” but due to bad licensing policies by adobe that is not possible. I have also been putting in quite a bit of time on the application this week, and I expect to have an official initial release soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Dark Room Call for Developers

I have decided that I will converting Dark Room into an open source project. Therefore, I will be looking for some developers to help facilitate development of the project. I will be setting up two projects on github, one for Dark Room Legacy, and one for Dark Room Air.

Dark Room Legacy is the existing version written in C#, I am looking for one developer to take stewardship of it and fix any existing bugs in the code base and make sure that it is working properly across different versions of Windows. This version is currently not intended for new features, but that may change.

Dark Room Air will become the primary version. The existing code is written in flex 3, and I would like to begin porting it to flex 4 immediately as it adds a number of critical features that will dramatically enhance the user experience.

While I wait to see if anyone is interest in working on the project, I will be creating new site dedicated to Dark Room, and will no longer host it as part of my personal site. Additionally, I will be working on a road map, and will likely setup a support forum.

Anyone interested in working on the project should comment on this post with relevant qualifications.

Also, I should note that if I can get a couple of people to focus on the application development, I will be working a paid web service to accompany the program (DR will always be free), so if that works out I will be able to share revenue with DR developers.

Dark Room Update

Some of you might be saying, “what gives, he said he’d have an alpha out last week?”

Well, the problem is that by porting DarkRoom to Air, it will work on not only Windows, but also OS X and Linux (after they finally release the later, the just released the first alpha today). Now, I know Jesse over at Hog Bay software, who created WriteRoom (the program the DarkRoom started out as a port of). WriteRoom is a pay to play app, and I don’t want to hurt any of this business by releasing DarkRoom for the mac. Therefore, I am trying to work out a program with him that would require a WriteRoom license to use DarkRoom on a Mac. Yeah, I know it sucks, but friends come before the nebulas internet masses 😉

Also, as requested, here’s a screenshot from the alpha.