Victoria aut Mors

For those of you that cannot make it to Origins 2013, he’s a taste of one of the scenarios I am offering at Games on Demand this year.

The gods have awoken the elder wyrm, SPURIUS to extinguish the light of humanity once and for all. Lead the armies of humanity against oblivion. Powered by a mash up of Evil Hat’s Fate products.”

This scenario started as a quick FAE setup, but it has since incorporated some elements from the Very Large Monsters contributor contribution, and Mass Combat from the Fate Toolkit. Its been lightly playtested, but any feedback is always appreciated.

The download link includes a print out for the dragon, with guides for its zones. Pre-generates nations with armies (champions are built at the table). And, a quick write up of the latest playtest version of SPURIUS.

Also, the nation’s stunts are usable by any of the army units and the champion.

Download Victoria aut Mors Play Packet

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