Oath of Steel – Game Chef 2012

“I swear to defend the Nations of the Spire against all enemies; that I will bear true faith and allegiance; that I take this obligation freely, without reservation; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of Champion knowing that I will endure, be burned, be bound, be beaten, and be killed by the sword in service of this oath.”

The Oath of Steel binds and imbues with power the Champions of the Godkings.

The War of Purification has burnt with fervor for the last seventeen years, swallowing up the lives of over eighty percent of humanity. Sergius, leader of the Church of Vitus, uniter of the 72 nations, and sworn defender of the faith, has pledged to eliminate the unholy scourge of magic from the face of Aquila. In the assault against the fledgling magocracies countless have perished before the machines of war created by the Godkinds and their followers.

The Godkinds have fallen, save one, Bellona. She works tirelessly to destroy the veil created by the group of defected wizards, Terminus. Sergius works with Terminus to abolishing magic in the world and with it the corruption its influence has wrought upon its wielders.

Now, the Champions have united in a final defense of Bellona as the armies of faith stand ready to extinguish the light of magic once and for all.

Can the Champions succeed united when they failed as individuals?

Will the Champions hold fast, and defend Bellona, and with her the Godkings’ legacy of madness in the hope of preserving the virtues for which they first swore their oaths? Or, will they relent and give into the blind hatred of the 72 nations, and return to the old ways?

What will happen to humanity in the aftermath?

Download Oath of Steel (pdf)

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