Recommend Dungeon World Hacks

I’ve been running Dungeon World for some nearly exclusively traditional gamers steeped in the fundamentals of D&D / Pathfinder. So I have come up with a few tweaks to DW to help these players feel a little more comfortable. And, the XP hack is primary just to make the game run a little smoother.

BBC XP with a Twist

Using the BBC XP system instead of highlighted stats has been a great success for me. I think it captures a lot of what AW achieves without highlighted stats that doesn’t work in DW. Additionally, I remove XP for bonds and Alignment. Instead, when those are hit I’ve been giving +1 forward.


Rather than using the standard 2d6, I’ve been having players roll 1d20. If you use 1-8 is a fail, 9-17 is mixed success, and 18+ is success that probabilities are very¬†similar¬†and feel “right” in play for players used to rolling a d20 for almost everything.

Hidden Moves

When I run for a first time group I do not hand out the moves sheets. I like to establish the “if you do it, do it” principle up front. Then, after a couple sessions once the behavior has become the normal I pass out the moves sheets for reference.

Saving Throws

I like that in the new beta 1.1 defying danger has been adjusted to allow for all the stats. I’ve been using this system for a while and I’ve found it works pretty well. I basically have the same move which I have been calling Saving Throw (rather than the original move which has since been removed) which I have players roll when I make an unprompted move against them in support of the fiction.

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