D&D XP 2012

It has been a few weeks since I went to Fort Wayne with my brother to the D&D XP. I have written, and rewritten this post a few times due to complications associated with the NDA for the D&D Next play test. Ultimately, I have decided to just say that I played the playtest twice, and I think I like the direction they are going in. I will spend the rest of this post talking about other things.

The trip down, and the returning trip back up were fraught with hazard. Another one of my brothers asked to borrow the highlander for the weekend, so I was using his car. I didn’t think it would be a big deal as we have been having a mild winter and the forecast show clear sailing for the weekend. Unfortunately, things never go so smoothly. There was a nasty winter storm sitting overtop of us the entire way, both ways. It was crazy. And, to make matters worse, my brother’s car stunk pretty bad. I never did figure out what the smell was, and we gutted the car and bombed it with fabreeze. We stayed in the D&D XP block and the Marriot, and it was a pretty decent hotel. It was quite nice being directly across the street from the convention center.

The convention itself was a fairly small affair. The entire thing was in one event hall, things were loosely divided by fencing. There were only a few vendors, and they did not have anything of particular note. Although, I did pick up the original Forgotten Realms box set. As wizards noted they had 363 different playtester for D&D Next, which sounds about right, because I don’t think there were more than 500 people at the convention.

Ultimately, I think it was a pretty positive experience, and I do not know if I would have gone had it not been for the play test. And, with D&D XP being folded into Gen Con next year I am not sure if it would be worth the trip down next year for “Winter Fantasy” or whatever it is they are calling the convention now.

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