Good Bye Halo 2

vanlandw and I play our final rounds of Halo 2 together

Today, I played my final few rounds of Halo 2 online. I seriously cannot believe they are canning XBL support for all Xbox games. It looks like Bungie knew some people would be coming back for a last round so they flooded the “Did You Know?” tips with amusing little snippets.

On the flip side, I honestly don’t think that I’ll miss it. We played several matches, only won two. And, I played just abysmally. I sealed the night by receiving an ass kicking in Big Team Battle. Yup, that pretty much sums up my entire Halo 2 experience.

Check out the miserable abomination that was my Halo 2 career

Author: Jeff

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One thought on “Good Bye Halo 2”

  1. I also wrote about this historic event here.

    It’s sad to see something I clearly spent a lot of time doing just fade away. I take comfort knowing that Counter Strike 1.6 still has 58,985 active players as I create this comment.

    Thank you for being brothers in arms with me a final time in clearly a obsolete game..that is actually was still a lot of fun.

    Here I go into the moderation queue for including a link I might as well include a huge [censored]

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