4e Encounter Attempt One

Tonight Jason and I attempted our first 4e combat encounter.

First, let me say to those that are curious, the figures we’re using for player characters are old Mage Knight pieces that we liberated from their bases and then mounted on glass tokens.

Jason played the two PC’s (premade from the quick start rules): Fighty the fighter and Clericy the cleric, and I DM’d the kobold attackers. After the fact, I think its pretty obvious this battle was designed for 4-5 PC’s because I gave Jason a serious run for his money, and killed Clericy.

The highlight of the battle was the kobold slinger urinating on the unconscious Clericy while Fighty was engaged by other kobolds.

Ultimately, Jason emerged successful with Fighty surviving the battle with 4 hit points. Clericy, you will be missed.

Author: Jeff

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