Dark Room X – Preview Release

Here it is, finally, that which you have been waiting way to long for: the preview release of Dark Room X.

Please go ahead and download those, and remember all the disclaimers (software provided as is, no guarantees that it will work, etc…).

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know so I can get it first before the initial release. And, last but not least: enjoy!

Download Dark Room X (Preview)

Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

28 thoughts on “Dark Room X – Preview Release”

  1. 1st, THANKS!

    Needed to upgrade my version of Adobe AIR. DR was not able to automatically download the update from adobe website. The install worked like a charm after manually installing from Adobe website.

    Will let you know of any issue.

    Thanks again for this wonderful utility!

  2. A couple of issues:

    1) Exit full-screen mode. Open Settings dialog. Hit Esc. See what happens.

    2) No BiDi support! Oh no! This is one of the main reasons I’ve been using DarkRoom — the previous text control worked just fine with Hebrew. Can you make it work with Hebrew again? This is really a key feature — DarkRoom is one of the only full-screen editors which work well with Hebrew.

    Thanks for all of your efforts and for breathing new life into the project!

    1. 1) I see two issues, the first being that focus gets put in the text area behind the settings window and shade. Second, the settings dialog is off center (which may or may not be an issue depending on how you look at).

      2) Fortunately, Dark Room W will still be maintained to so extent. So, you should be able to continue using it. Unfortunately, Flex 3 does not support right to left text, let alone BIDI. The word on the street is that Flex 4 will have right to left support, however the extent to which that works has not yet been defined.

      Thanks for the input.

      1. You might want to move from Flex to Flash authortime Jeff, since Flash CS4 definitely has bi-directional text. Actually more than bi, since you can even do vertical text. It’s not a great leap from Flex to Flash I would say. Obviously a lot easier just to wait for Flex 4 🙂

      2. Great work, thanks J. I would just say that the fonts are significantly less readable in X compared to the W version. Are you sure the TextField you’re using is optimised for readability, and not animation? Or perhaps it’s something tricky to do with non-embedded system fonts. I’m a flash developer, and I know you could deffo get much better text quality.

        PS I’m using Courier New at 16pt, and it looks terrible, but if I select the text it becomes _much_ better. That might be a clue as to what’s going wrong perhaps.

      3. Thanks for the feedback. I have no interest is developing in flash, as it is a nightmare environment. My plan is to wait for Flex 4. I would have already developed this using the beta, but I use flex 3.4 for work and I don’t want to start getting wires crossed.

        Also, I am aware of the rendering issues of text in the window. I think to a certain extent it is point of view. DRW does not use antialiasing, and DRX does, so there is a significant difference there. Also, DRX does not use the system antialiasing method, it uses flashes emulation. Which, when used in combination with fonts that are not embedded doesn’t look as crisp.

        I haven’t used the application for writing long documents, usually 1-2 pagers, and it has been fine for me. However, I think that people may have to play with the settings a bit to find something that they like.

        I have not put time into trying to develop any work arounds or hacks to get it to render differently, as I understand that the flex 4 text area renders better. So, as with a couple of other features I am sitting on them for now.

      4. I did a little more checking on the issue. Apparently, when using system fonts (those that are not embedded), air will actually use the native os to render the fonts. I confirmed this by testing out the different antialias modes in xp. And, I have to say that cleartype rendering in the app leaves some thing to be desired.

  3. Looking good. On my MacBook, the “writing” column is a slightly less dark black than the columns on either side. Is that intentional? An even black across the screen would be nice.

    1. Marc, that’s just the default settings that illustrate that they can be different. If you go into the settings you can configure it however you would like.

      1. Marc, looks like you found a bug. I think the mechanism I am using to determine if a color was selected doesn’t work if the color you selected was black. Doh. I’ll be sure to fix that prior to release

      2. Glad to have chipped in. Very much looking forward to the next iteration.

        If I could put in a request, it’d be nice to be able to access the Preferences without exiting full-screen mode. Perhaps that could be part of the right-click options? (Or maybe there is a means by which to do it, and I’m just not aware.) I’m currently testing on my Mac at work; haven’t had time yet to try from a PC at home.

      3. You should be able to access the settings screen using the keyboard shortcut in either mode. On a mac it would be command+, and on windows/linux it would be control+,

  4. On OS X I had the same issue as Jean. Regardless on a G5 iMac things ran rather smoothly I was able to save a TXT and import that text into a Word document so the application worked as intended without a question. Is there a users guide anywhere? I know a few of the shortcuts that you told me but I’m sure I’m missing some.

    GG’s all around works just as good as the .net version for my usage.

    1. I’d like to hear more about what you were doing that caused stability / speed issues. Were you working with a large file, did you have statistics enabled, etc…

  5. Hey Jeff,

    In Windows Vista, I mapped the .text extension to DR. When I double click a .text file, DR opens fine but without the document loaded (new untitled document instead).


      1. Hey,

        sorry for the late reply – would be nice to be able to subscribe to comments on your blog.

        This issue is with Dark Room X, the AIR application (the one this post is about).


  6. has the explorer context menu option been dropped with the X version? the W version was allowing me to open txt files with a rightclick option. would be great to have it back..

    thanks for the great software

    hopefully makes me write more 🙂


    1. I’ll have to check into that. I didn’t recall having implemented context menus in DRW. However, if I did, it shouldn’t be difficult to get them working in DRX.

  7. Hello Jeff. Has anyone asked you if Darkroom or Darkroom X will work with Windows 7? I downloaded Darkroom back in late May this year and wondered if those corrections had taken place that you show on the previous page, after I downloaded it or before?
    I have fallen in love with your Darkroom and have burned it to a flash drive so that “my book” travels with me. I noticed that recently when I opened it on my work PC, all of my additions were not showing versus what showed up when I opened it on my home PC. I am hoping that it is because I have not set up the AutoSave. I am interested in trying out your latest version Darkroom X.
    Thank you.

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