Dark Room 0.8b Download Link Fixed

I uploaded my archive of Dark Room releases to the github project I plan on releasing the code on. I have updated the link on the Dark Room page to reflect this. The source code is not yet up there. I am going to do a release of Dark Room X, and then I need to add the license notice to the Dark Room W (formerly Dark Room). After that is all squared away the code will be released.

Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

3 thoughts on “Dark Room 0.8b Download Link Fixed”

  1. I used to round up to the next yard too! I went once with my mom and she gave me a look of you’re-an-idiot (in a kind, loving mom way) and told the cutter how much I really needed. When my parents take the boys, I end up cleaning. So sad. My week=crazy. But what’s new?

  2. That’s very strange — why *wouldn’t* they bother to take the extra couple of seconds to actually do it in (full) English, if only for the very reason to convey more authority and veracity? Or from the other direction, why make the decision to do it in txtspk, particularly for a message going out to a wide audience with broad demographics?

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