wubi installer’s pyrun.exe says “no disk”

Ever since Ubuntu 9.04 came out I have been trying to figure out how to do an install inside Windows. For this task I typically just use wubi, which has always worked wondefully in the past. Unfortunately, this time it did not go so smoothly.

Apparently, for 9.04 they decided to do a rewrite of wubi from the ground up. Normally these refactoring excercises result in a better program. Unfortunately there appears to be a rather nasty bug in this version. Whenever I tried to run the installed I would get “Windows – No Disk” error, with a really nasty message in the dialog. I tried everything short of reformating the machine to get it to work. But, today I finally found the answer.

It appears that the new wubi installer gets confused if you have a bunch of drives. Many people who had more than one cd-rom drive had to burn two copies and have the disk in both drives for it to work. In my case, it was the built in card reader that was the problem. After stopping it, and ejecting the drives I was finally able to get the installer going. Hurray.

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  1. I have installed Wubi on a couple of XP Pro machines with no trouble. When I try to install it in Vista Home Basic I get an error saying that there is no disk. If I click continue repeatedly it gets past that, but then starts downloading what the dialogue tells me is the iso for an amd64 version of Ubuntu. I have an Intel dual core processor. I tried numerous times with the same result. I was afraid to install an amd 64 version on a machine that didn’t have that configuration, so after half a dozen attempts I just gave up. This is very disappointing and not what I had come to expect from Wubi. I guess I will just have to wait until I get a spare box to load Ubuntu on, as it clearly does not want to use Wubi to install the correct version on this machine. Microshaft is famous for not working and playing well with others, and Vista has given me trouble with other Windows-based applications, but this is very frustrating. I like Ubuntu, and have had previous good luck with Wubi. I don’t know how to fix this.

    1. Jerry, you may actually have a 64-bit chip. I would double check and see if you have a 64-bit chip, in which case it is downloading the correct version. If you don’t I believe there is a command line option you can use to force 32-bit, of your can just download the 32-bit iso and put it in the same folder.

    2. Jerry,

      If you have a Dual Core processor, you should download the AMD64 version. I have a Sony Vaio which came with Vista. I ran Wubi Intrepid before upgrading to Jaunty. Only problem with both is the (solved) wireless connection – and this is fixed in the Alpha 2 release of Karmic.

      I also run the Long term release version in its own partition having partitioned the disc with the Vista software.

      Good luck

  2. I had this same ‘no disk’ problem with Vista. After reading this thread, I just kept hitting the continue button (many, many times) and finally got the install window to open. Don’t give up!


      1. Wow. Hitting continue DID work.. At first I was a bit skeptical but woah.. Ill see if the installation goes well.

  3. I just popped a ubuntu disk in to see if it was in fact an ubuntu disk(!), saw that it was and ejected it – but now I’m getting constant “pyrun.exe – No Disk” popups. As it was talking about the CD drive I guessed it had something to do with the ubuntu disk and autorun/autoplay, but thats pretty crap really – installer should bugger off until I’m good and ready to install, not mess up my system just by puttin the cd in the drive!

  4. Its simple…

    “but now I’m getting constant “pyrun.exe – No Disk” popups”

    Download wubi.exe, then Right click on the file and select ‘Run as Administrator’ on Vista machines.

    If its a Vista 64Bit, do the same as above, but it’s best to download a ubuntu 9.03 32bit in the same location where you execute the wubi.exe.(this will take care of the amd version of ubuntu from downloading) Have Fun!

  5. I put a damn CD into my laptop CD/DVD drive that kept coming up in the error and re-ran Wubi with “ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso” in the same folder and no errors came up anymore and it detected the ISO properly. Installing now….

  6. It does truely work, Wubi wasn’t having any fo the installation, but after lots, and lots, and lots….. of clicking, it worked! Thanks!

  7. WHY? : it’s because for some reason the installer is searching for drives.. it goes through every single drive, even memory card drives, dvd drives, disk drives and mounted drives about 3 times.. so if you have 8 drives.. that’s 24 error messages you have to get past.

    THE FIX: keep clicking like a maniac, then bam! it takes you to the proper wubi installer screen.

    THE PROPER SOLUTION: no idea yet, but clicking works.. and it’s not like you install it everyday so a few extra clicks is probably good for your wrist exercise anyway 🙂
    there will probably be a fix for it soon, I came across a lot of others in forums experiencing the same issue… so much for a ‘user friendly’ linux distribution, it’s come a long way though.

  8. Also – if you have Daemon tools installed, be sure to load up an ISO. I have an empty memory card reader and Daemon tools and I have up after 64 clicks. Once I loaded an ISO in Daemon tools I was able to get through by hitting cancel 11 times. 🙂

  9. Hi, well i have downloaded the Ubunto 1o.o4 for 32 and 64 bits, i have a notebook with intel core i3, 4 gb ram and it is new so since a few days y dowloaded ubuntu but when i run it from the cd drive in windows 7 appers the same problem about pyrun.exe and this shit and i do not know what do to makes it works, well i run it from the cd drive without iniciate windows 7 too and ubuntu start with the lenguague selection and if i want to install it, but when i selected the install or other option my screen turns off and that is all, no answer no matter the time spent its still turns off but the notebook still on. Well i a roockie about that so please help me to install ubuntu i have a sony vaio notebook and do not know why it can not work. I tried to install this in a older computer with pentium 4 to asses if the cd its correctly burned and it works well in this computer so it is the real problem why this shit can works in a older computer used and all this but in a modern nootebook with better hardware new without any program it can not work!!. Please help me

  10. ich mochte das ubuntu instaliren danschreibt her es befindet sich kein laufwerk legen sie eine datenräger in laufwerk device harddisk 3 DR3 ein

  11. Rewrite … sigh. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Things You Should Never Do:

    Thanks for the workaround.

    I was hoping it was going to be something cool like QEMU or some other Virtual Machine that would allow me to run the image on the drive without having to reboot. (I know it would be slow but rebooting is a hassle sometimes.)

  12. The disk error is a bug in the bootloader after uninstalling ubuntu (ubuntu win install)

    For me the first time trying ubuntu with “win install” no disk error apear, just after uninstalling and trying to install it again.

    The solution was repairing the win 7 bootloader with win 7 disk and the command “bootrec/fixmbr”

    After this trying ubuntu again with the win install no disk error apears.

    Bad for Ubuntu leaving such a bug in the bootloader!

  13. Ok… solution.. make sure you have no flash drives or memory sticks in your computer slots. If you remove them , you have no error.

  14. I had the same problem with Wubi. I found this forum and saw the ‘just keep clicking’ advice and although I was skeptical IT WORKED! Thank you.

  15. If you look closely each time you click continue it has the error for a different drive. basically it will cycle through all your drives until it finds the right one

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