Transformers 2: Initial Reaction

transformers22Well, Transformers 2 has finally arrived.

Based on what I saw of the movie (I missed a few minutes, but more on that in the follow up post) I would say it is the perfect summer blockbuster. It hit all the primary criteria:

  • Popular with teenagers (six theaters sold out in Grand Haven for the midnight showing)
  • Ample humor spread throughout
  • Over the top drama
  • Tons of action
  • Attractive protagonists
  • A bad story that manages to pull together action sequences

There are a few things that will seem a little wacky to old Transformers faithful, but this is made up for but Optimus Prime kicking some serious ass.

I’ll post more thoughts on the film tomorrow when I am actually awake.

Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

One thought on “Transformers 2: Initial Reaction”

  1. Dear JJA,

    I am glad you enjoyed the movie and I’m very glad we are going to get three posts out of it. You are just a powerblogger recently and that is good for your fans. Clearly you should blog constantly about everything you do.

    The perv teens like leboof and the hot chick.

    The ladies like leboof and those stupid army guys.

    The old school fans like Prime.

    Pretty much thse movies hit about every note but they don’t make anybody extrodinarlly happy. I’m hoping that the humans get less screen time and Prime has like four fights and at least three quote worth sequences…..

    …and leboof falls off a cliff or gets crushed by Megatron

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