Terminator Salvation (2009)

terminator-salvation-flash-Start with Dawn of the Dead. Make your zombies robots. Give your zombies guns. Realize that your zombies aren’t mindless, but are actually being controlled from behind the scenes by a malevolent force. Welcome to Terminator Salvation; you’re fucked.

Termination Salvation takes the Terminator to franchise to the next level. The previous movies were set in modern day where robots from the future came back into the past to assassinate future leaders of the resistance. These movies worked fairly well in their narrow scope, and remained grounded in the real world. The new movie kicks us a few years into the future, 2018. By this time the war between humanity and Skynet has been raging for years. Things are looking bleak for humanity.

The movie turns out to be somewhat of a mix between survival horror, drama, and action flick (in that order). As a whole it was entertaining, and paced well. There are not really any memorably good or bad parts in the film. Christian Bale was good as always. Unfortunately, this film plays second fiddle to Star Trek in much the same was that Hulk was second to Iron Man early into last year.

Based on my initial impression I will be ranking this movie a 3, which makes its a recommended title. However, having said that, if you haven’t seen Star Trek yet you should probably see that first. Both are good movies, but this isn’t quite a good.

Update 22 May 2009:

The more I think about it, the more I dislike the discontinuity between the different acts of the movie and the ending is just miserable. So I am down grading this film to a 1.5.

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8 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation (2009)”

  1. Ok I have browsed Terminator Salvation.

    JJA requested that I write up an entire post but really I don’t have many feelings on it. I’m bullshit I could make an entire post but nobody reads my blog and I like commenting more.

    Clearly they have set this up for another Terminator if this does well (and it will I’m seeing predictions of a $110 million dollar weekend) the ending sets up the conflict not even being close to being over as what is shown in T2 that conflict is like 10 years after what they show in Salvation.

    Also if anybody has played Fallout 3 clearly is going to enjoy everything regarding the post-apocalyptic setting. Watching the first half of the movie that was all I could think about was how cool a Fallout movie could be (but will never be)

    The first two acts are fine. Big action, bouncing back and forth from the heart terminator and John Connor. The whole movie just gets stupid with the attack on Skynet. Seriously John Connor just uses his PDA hacks the entire network and is able to liberate 100 people. I cannot IMAGINE security in Skynet is that bad. Homes in the 80’s had better security systems. At that point I was taken completely out of the movie. They should have wrote like a “DIVERSION” was taking place so maybe a battle between humans and terminators was going on giving John Connor a chance to break in. Ugh

    Skynet seriously had two terninators on patrol and let them just walk out and blow up their entire base? Seriously bad writing there.

    There is no movie in existence that I can think of that has more explosions then this movie.

    The ending was fine but that skynet “infiltration” was terrible and took the movie from a 4 star to a 3 star. The stars are mostly given for the fallout 3 look, the CG work on fake arnold (IMHO it didn’t work in the movie EVERYBODY knows it’s fake CG It would have been cooler as a tech demo then in an actual movie), and the amount of action and explosions. I was also hoping for more gun play but there is a little.

    As jja put it “christian bale was christian bale” maybe i was expecting more but he really wasn’t in the movie that much and the posters do tell it straight this movie is “co-star’ed” with the other guy.

    I would say this is the epitome of a renter. Get your sound system tuned up blast it loud and eat dinner watching this. If you are a gigantic fan of T1 like I am seeing more of the “machines” makes seeing this movie worth it.

  2. After rewatching “The Terminator” again my “likeness” of this movie goes drasticly down again.

    1) This movie NEEDED the R rating. After watching Arnold rip somebody’s heart out like right at the start of the movie, that scene alone beats anything that T4 shows. Also having Kyle Reese say “COME ON MOTHERFUCKER” there is just something about hero’s and cussing that makes everything better I don’t care what the “OH IT DOESN’T MATTER” people say, it does matter. I’m 28 years old if I was fighting a cybernetic terminator I would be screaming cusses left and right.

    I wanted to use a [censored] but I guess I have to use a workaround.

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