Symfony 1.2

Recently, symfony 1.2 was released and I have to say it is quite wonderful. I started following symfony when symfony 1.1 was under development. I didn’t really like many of the things done in symfony 1.0 so I had passed over it whenever I was working on a new project.

But, symfony 1.1 began to introduce many great new feature, such as their object oriented form system that makes building forms much easier. Several other internal changes made it reasonable for me to start looking into. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and there were some annoyances in 1.1 that prevented me from using it as much as I would like. Fortunately, symfony 1.2 took care of many of those issues.

One of the nicer things is the new admin generator that uses the new form system. I hated dealing with the old system in the admin generator in 1.1. And, another nice thing was the inclusion of task configurations, so I no longer need to reference an application when I am executing a task (it was very counter intuitive).

The only gotcha that I experience was with the plugin system. Since they revamped the plugin manager, you are now required to define what plugins you want loaded in the project config file. In the past everything in the plugin directory was automatically loaded. Once I figured that out I was off the races.

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