9 thoughts on “Dark Room Air (Proof of Concept)”

  1. It lives. Doesn’t do much (though its nice to see you can do the transparency effect in AIR), but it most certainly does exist. We’ll be watching with interest.


  2. This app is so helpful for creative writing. I was wondering how hard it would be have a feature that allowed you to disable the backspace and delete buttons. They are by far the biggest distraction for me when I’m writing.

  3. Jonas, if there were more hours in the day, it would be out already. I only have time to work on it when work is slow. But, at the moment I am targeting Q1 2009.

    Kenan, that is the install file.

  4. How do you install it? I opened the file with 7zip. There is only a .air file inside, how do i run it??

    Also, which one is more stable and complete: .net version or .air version?

  5. Looking forward to the final AIR version, though I’ve been content with using the original C# version so far. Proof of concept looks good, however I’d like to suggest that the user should be given the option to turn off the background transparency. I personally find it annoying.

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