Dark Room Update

Some of you might be saying, “what gives, he said he’d have an alpha out last week?”

Well, the problem is that by porting DarkRoom to Air, it will work on not only Windows, but also OS X and Linux (after they finally release the later, the just released the first alpha today). Now, I know Jesse over at Hog Bay software, who created WriteRoom (the program the DarkRoom started out as a port of). WriteRoom is a pay to play app, and I don’t want to hurt any of this business by releasing DarkRoom for the mac. Therefore, I am trying to work out a program with him that would require a WriteRoom license to use DarkRoom on a Mac. Yeah, I know it sucks, but friends come before the nebulas internet masses 😉

Also, as requested, here’s a screenshot from the alpha.

Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

23 thoughts on “Dark Room Update”

  1. There’s already a freeware port of WriteRoom that runs on Mac: JDarkRoom. And yes, it includes a Mac installer. Result: anyone not willing to pay for WriteRoom but wishing to have a WriteRoom-like text editor already can. Thus, any move of yours in the direction of charging for a Mac version won’t result in an increased financial input for WriteRoom’s author. On the contrary, it’ll only result in those that might be interested in DarkRoom to adopt JDarkRoom.

    WriteRoom will only succeed in the “more is less” market as a paid application if its author makes it sure its “less” keeps being a “better less” than either DarkRoom’s or JDarkRoom’s. Any other arrangement is palliative and most surely won’t work on the long run, if at all.

    My best suggestion for WriteRoom to stay relevant would be adding cool behind the scenes features worth its price. Mind you, I don’t know WriteRoom, as I don’t own a Mac. But I know that I like online integration in my apps. So, an option to set a password, and then have your texts and revisions automatically backed up to a server with the option to access them from any computer, would surely be a winner. That’s the kind of thing I pay for. And as long as WriteRoom had it, but DarkRoom or JDarkRoom didn’t, it would drive sales, no matter how free these two are.

    Try suggesting this, or something similar, to your friend. Innovative market approaches are a much better path than following a cartel-like mindset. 😉

  2. You are a good man jjafuller. You should start demanding payment across the board from everybody. $10,000 a license 😛

    jk lookin pretty damn good gg


  3. didn’t notice this pearler but i like the transparency on the program rather then the sheeted black….i don’t know if i can pony up $25 bucks to use this on the mac but it’s going to be pretty damn sharp.

    you are a good man jja/full

  4. This is good news I guess, except that part about the Mac. I think you are trying to control things too much. Since I like to use DarkRoom I am a little frustrated with existing small bugs that were never fixed.
    Still I discovered that I can write in great length with it. Hopefully you will be able to release this soon.

  5. Love this program. Wish it was current. There are a couple of problems in Vista that can easily be worked around.

    1. Context menu option creates error. – Hack to fix – Manually create the mentioned registry key. Change permission to everyone FULL access. (Note – Unticking the option will remove the key thus recreate the problem)
    2. Spaces in the file path create error. Use save as to get to a path without spaces. This allows the autosave option to work.

    Not ideal however very nice app

  6. I own a Mac and use WriteRoom all the time. It’s one of the best apps I own. However, I just received an Eee pc for the express purpose of writing “on the fly”. I enjoy darkroom, but not all the .net framework stuff. I am looking forward to your Air version.

    I told some students of mine about Darkroom and they have used many times this semester.

  7. I found DARKROOM by chance too, because my Computer name is the same since i bough it 10 years ago. I,m not aware of anything with this software, who made it or it’s development, but i found what i was looking for. SIMPLICITY. I hope to see this project fully developed. Good luck to you all.

  8. Hello,

    Just wanted to say that I love your software. As a writer, I totally appreciate the need for an unrestricted writing space. This is exactly what I’ve always wanted from my Word Processing software. Thank you for making this!

  9. one little question. when I set page hight to 600 for example is it possible to position page in the center but not in the top of the screen?

  10. I use darkroom in full screen mode (old, tired eyes). It would be really helpful if you could have a two key shortcut that would minimize to taskbar.

  11. Love your app! My only wish is that it not require the .net framework. In fact, a portable DARKROOM running off my USB flash drive would be a dream. Looking forward to AIR.

  12. Is it me?
    I’ve been playing with/programming PCs since before 1982. Yes- I had a Timex Sinclair, a Commodore 64, the second model designed and manufactured for IBM (256k on motherboard with an expansion card for a total of 640k of ram – no hard drives back then). Software was challenging to write for successful operation in small storage areas like that and programming tools (such as the Norton Editor for DOS) were considered groundbreaking advances and premium tools for programmers back then. We had some real fun and Darkroom sounds so much like those days that I just had to have a copy and let you know that it really brings back some memories of the old days. eeehaaaaa!

  13. Regarding Gerard’s comment on running off a USB drive (comment #15), I happen to be doing that very thing right now. I have discovered a pitfall — Do not do the «Enable Local Cache for Portability» — in my own experience, it renders DarkRoom the opposite of portable.

    I am operating at a university library where the public is able to sign in and log on. I have been running a number of portable apps and some, including DarkRoom, which do not seem to advertise themselves as portable. What counts is to find out if IN EFFECT DarkRoom is portable at a site where you want to use it. I do know that the IT dept here at the Uni is scrupulous about security and about not letting users download programs that write to the registry and what-not. However, since DarkRoom seems merely to USE the .NET framework without tampering with it (with the cache exception I cite), the IT staff here have got to believe DarkRoom is not interfering with the Uni network. — Conclusion MAY be that DarkRoom is not now, in some strict sense, a «portable» app, but that under circumstances it acts like one. Fact is that my local config file, the […].config file, does save my settings. I love that.

    Let me comment quickly on what seems to be an undocumented feature: and I like it: Do a CTRL+Home, then do a CTRL+PageDN: You get to the end of the last line IN THE PRESENT WINDOW. Now do CTRL+PageUp, and you are back to where you started from. This is absolutely great!



    «Es macht keinen Sinn dass die Kuehe Milch geben:
    Die Bauern nehmen sie ihnen einfach weg.»
    (Radio Holiday)

  14. I got busier than anyone has a right to be. Don’t worry it is still on my list of things to do. I remain committed to the project, I just don’t know when I’ll have the time or resources to get it going to where it needs to be.

  15. Awesome job, this is my new favourite tool. How difficult would it be to implement a transparency toggle? ie: set your desired transparency and capture that in your config. Then hit some key combination to cancel transparency, allowing a toggle to return to your chosen transparency again. I find for documenting, transparency is brilliant for letting you read what’s under the editor without needing to flip back and forth. Other times when I’m just generating content, I’d rather have no transparency. If we could toggle that, it would save flipping in and out of the preferences dialog.

    Anyway, great job!

  16. I’m enjoying this distraction-free writing environment. I don’t use it full-screen, but in one or more postcard-sized windows on an otherwise blank desktop.

    I’d like to request a toggle for displaying the File-Edit-View-Help menu. Everyone knows to bring these options up by alt-keys. All in the spirit of in-window minimalism and even less distraction.

    Thanks for a terrific application.

  17. Hey,
    I have spent about 2 days last month developing my own WriteRoom app in C# for Windows (called TextRoom), only to find that yours does a better job at most things–except a customizable tab-length, and an in-built English spell-checker. In fact, I was just about to make it available via my own site, when I stumbled upon DarkRoom and came to a screeching halt in publishing my own (free) application.

    I am very curious about your source code. I will read up on DarkRoom’s history and maybe pick up on some of the things you did. Still, I would love to glance over your code if that’s at all possible. It doesn’t matter what language you used, and I am willing to share my own.

    Meanwhile, it’s hard to make a decision on which program to use to write my documents. Mine can export to pdf but only in one typeface; yours is nicer to work with.

    Please let me know if you are willing to share your code!

    Marco Hokke (from Holland)

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