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This update has been a long time in coming. I wanted the next one to be a bigger release with a couple of new features. But, I haven’t had the time to work on it, so I am releasing this with some rather critical bug fixes. Release Notes


1. FIXED: Ability to open files with accented characters
2. FIXED: Text mod state preserved when preferences changed
3. FIXED: Window title not updating when file saved
4. FIXED: Crash when config file is write protected
5. FIXED: Files saved with Unix line breaks
6. FIXED: Wordcount RegEx

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Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

5 thoughts on “Dark Room Update (”

  1. This is just a suggestion (but a very, very big one).

    DarkRoom is really good, but, to someone like me who writes novels (and other short essays/scratch_pads/lists/brainstormings/documents) into RTF and DOC files, it comes at a huge price that Dark Room can’t read or save into rich text. Saving into TXT is useless to me, because it has just about no formatting, and can’t easily be added to my full book project in Book Writer without annoyance.

    By the time DarkRoom reaches 1.0, can you PLEASE add the ability to read and save RTF and DOC files? That’s the only feature that would make it worth it to me, and probably *countless* others who need the dark-room-style environment, who just can’t work in TXT.

    Dario D.

  2. There’s a strange issue when I try to use; when I open text files saved in version, all apostrophes in words such as “can’t” and “don’t” (and anything else using an apostrophe, naturally) convert to this: ’ (if that’s not displaying, it’s an accented lower-case a, the euro symbol, and a superscripted trademark sign).

    I’ve tried multiple times with different files to see if it was just that one, but…no go. No permanent damage, though; I just close without saving and go back to using; there’s nothing in the new version that I really need, so it’s no loss. Still, if it persists through further updates with more features, it’ll stink if I can’t use them, but I’ll be content with my old version.

    Great work, though. I’ve been using DarkRoom for a while and have written an entire 100,000 word novel in it from scratch. It’s about the only thing that can keep my attention span locked in; Word’s hopeless. Thanks for creating it.

  3. You made a great work with this tool, and I think it is greatly appreciated. Anyway I think too that a little formatting may be useful, maybe a key combo could show up a formatting toolbox, in order not to undermine the productive environment of this application.
    Anyway only basic features would be needed, such as Bold/Italic/Underlined, Font Face/Size, Bulletted List. Anyway the formatted document would show up only after you press the key combo to show up the formatting toolbox too. So the program would get useful features without losing pretty much anything, what do you think?

    ps: of course a way to save in RTF or DOC or ODF format would be useful, if you think it may be possibile

    Thanks for everything,


  4. ONE MORE VOTE for *adding basic rich-text formatting*. Bold, italic, underline needed. No worries about DarkRoom losing its minimalist UI; just use keyboard shortcuts and top-menus like you have already.

    If you were to add these features, DarkRoom would instantly become my #1 writing app.M Thanks for making it free, too! 🙂

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