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  1. It’s looking great! Just a couple of things: if I create a text file in another application that contains characters with accent marks, and then open that file in Dark Room, those characters disappear entirely, and if I save the file in Dark Room it is saved without them.

    Also, whenever I copy a block of text, I get a popup message — “An error occurred while copying text” — even though the copy and paste seems to work fine.

  2. I figured out teh problem with the accented characters, and it has been fixed. I’m not sure what to tell you about the copy error. I know where the exception is trapped to prompt the error, but I have still not been able to reproduce it myself.

  3. Hello, I’m still unable to open files with latin2 (or rather Windows/CP1250) characters. Darkroom simply removes those characters. Instead of having ‘książka’ (a book in PL), I’d have ‘ksika’.

  4. Howdy,
    i see there’s a post about a bugtracker. But anyway here’s suggestion:
    A height margin would be great for big screens to be able to focus on the middle of the screen instead of breaking your neck looking up to the first line on your fancy 60″ Monitor 🙂

  5. New little bug:

    Launch Dark Room with a new blank document. Write a bit and save the file. The taskbar still says “untitled” instead of updating to show the filename. Same thing happens if you open a file and save it under a different name — the taskbar continues to show the old filename.

  6. Hi, Great little app – thanks!

    Got this when clicking Ok on the prefs dialog on first run of this new version (

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files\Dark Room\DarkRoom.exe.config’ is denied.

  7. Hmmm. The error on saving prefs appears to be a permissions problem under Vista (which I’m using) – but it still occurs even if you grant permissions to the DarkRoom folder and the .config file (which aren’t set by default in vista – normal users don’t have write permissions in the ProgramFile folder tree).

  8. Crap – .config file marked with a read only attribute.

    On further investigation, it appears that all files that I get out of .zip archives using the built in zip support in Vista unpack with the read only attribute set.

    So, my bad, sorry! However a read only .config and permissons is something you might like to check for and warn about, I guess.


  9. This is kind of weird, but…

    In full-screen mode, using multi-monitor support, when I open the preferences dialog and place the dialog on the “other monitor” meaning the one not being used for text, and then I adjust the opacity, the window repaints over the top of the preferences dialog.

    As long as I hold the mouse down, I can vary the opacity. But once I let the button up, then I have lost focus on the dialog and must Ctrl+Tab to it in order to save my preferences.

  10. I love this application — one small problem I’m having: When I create a doc in Darkroom and then later open the same text file in Notepad, Notepad does not recognize the line breaks. Instead of a line break, Notepad inserts a square character. Anyone else experience this?

  11. Michael, that is the result of the way the default save mechanism works in .NET. Basically, it saves using the unix line break standard (go figure), which is basically just a regular line break, whereas windows standard is carriage return, line feed.

    Basically, as far as I have seen, the only program that gets confused is notepad. I have been debating trying to figure it, but I am not sure if it is worth the effort to open files in notepad. You know what I mean?

  12. Hey I was really facinated to hear abt this wonderful thing, but, when i tried to instal it on my system it wasnt working.

    I have a IBM thinkpad with windows xp service pack 2 on it. Can you help me out… I even liked other articles of urs. Your too good…

  13. Hello.

    First off, wonderful program.

    Couple of problems. First, when I attempt to change any preferences, I’m given the same error code as listed above.

    Also, my only suggestion (if you’re taking them), would be to include Bold, Italics, and Underline. That’s it.

    Other than that, it’s great!

  14. While cutting/pasting I keep getting a small window saying “An error occur while cutting/pasting” though the action itself works. If I try to paste the same text again, the message does not appear anymore.

  15. Somew drag and drop is broken. When i select a block of text and I drag it to paste it somewhere else, the file that I’m editing gets closed and some strange garbage appears in a newly created file

    Do you have any plans on realising the source code?


  16. Great program. I’m using it for NaNoWriMo and it’s working like a charm.

    Feature suggestion for future release: For real addicts to time-wasting distractions, maybe you could have a feature that locks the program into full screen mode for a number of minutes set by the user. So, I would set the “lock” feature at 20 minutes, and I then wouldn’t be able to get out of full-screen mode for 20 minutes.

    It might seem a bit much but people like me really need that. For example, I’m reading your site right now instead of working.

  17. First off, let me say that I *LOVE* this program. I’m now using it for all my writing. I have two simple requests that I’d love to see: first is search and replace. I actually have to copy/paste to wordpad, search/replace, and copy it all back. That’s just icky. Second would be to give stats, word count in particular, for a highlighted section of text.

    Thanks again for this awesome program!

  18. darkroom is a great little app! i’m using it for nanowrimo 🙂

    however, i have noticed that the word count in the statistics dialog isn’t very accurate. it seems to be just counting spaces? but newlines aren’t counted. the result is that a file that looks like this:


    has a word count of “1”, while the following:

    word word

    has a word count of “29”!

    any chance of a tweak to the counting algorithm?

    thanks again!

  19. (sorry, the 28 spaces between “word” and “word” aren’t visible in the previous post, due to the HTML rendering.)

    it should look like this (if the pre tag works):

    word word

  20. bunny, nope, the pre tag doesn’t work in comments. 😉

    Anyway, I fixed the regular expression for the word count so it should have a correct count in the next release

  21. Hi,
    First off, this is a *fabulous* program. Hats off to the folks who conceived and developed this. I am writing to report the same problem that a few others have mentioned above: when I copy/paste, I get a popup saying that “An error occurred while copying text”. I think you mentioned that you have not been able to reproduce the problem, but just wanted to let you know.


  22. This is the second time I have downloaded this program, 2 different sources, and was unable to execute the program. I really want to try it out. I will do a search for it try another source. At this point I am not sure what the problem is…. Gary

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