Dark Room Updated (0.6.1b)

Yeah…so I missed a few kind of annoying bugs in the 0.6 release. Sorry about that.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed “process hog” problem related to autosave interval
2. Fixed allow tabs in writing area
3. Fixed preferences access from context menu

Check out the Dark Room Project Page

Or, just download now.

Author: Jeff

Born a cantankerous old man, mellowed ever so slightly by age.

20 thoughts on “Dark Room Updated (0.6.1b)”

  1. i had a thought today… a nice feature for this text editor might be syntax highlighting for common scripting. 😛

    html, css, javascript, php, etc.

    Seriously though jja – you should really publish this as a notepad replacement because it is friggin sweet.

  2. There will NEVER be a source forge project for Dark Room. Also, there will never be syntax highlighting since that is contradictory to the intent of the program.

  3. uhh… how? people can change their font colors. Whats the difference in having a few different colors on the screen?

    i didnt write it, and i didn’t pay for it, so i can’t complain. 🙂

    but, i would use syntax hi-lighting if it were an option.

  4. DarkRoom (I LOVE THIS APP!) – crashes if you open it to a clean (empty) document and Ctrl+x. Here’s crash info:

    (1) Open DarkRoom to a clean (empty) document
    (2) Press Ctrl+O to open something.
    (3) Change your mind and press Cancel to close the dialog.
    (4) Press Ctrl + x

    Thanks for the application – this is what I needed to grow my fiction.

    [Removed Debug Info -Jeff]

  5. Hello!

    First, thank you for an outstanding tool!

    And a question (possible bug) – I’m writing mostly in Polish. When I open a new document and add local characters everything is okay. However, when I save this document and try opening it once again, I get spaces between lines messed up a bit due to the fact, that the editor changes font settings for specific foreign characters (actually, here it’s only the ‘ń’ character which makes this happen). When, I delete such a letter and type it once again, everything is exactly the way it should be. This happens only after opening an already saved file.

    All the best!!

    I had to give away my PowerBook to my girlfriend (old 233 MHz Wallstreet but great for writing) and ever since was looking for a full screen app like WriteRoom… it’s amazing how much we get distracted even with only the taskbar or other windows visible. So once again:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! (repeat 1,000,000 times)

  7. Hi,

    I just downloaded darkroom today (04/09/06). It’s a nice program and I really enjoyed using it. However, I noticed the following:

    Page/background: black,
    Text: white

    If I type \\, or /// then any text, the text and slashes disappear (actually, it just gets coloured black – but you can’t see it). I noticed that on other background colors, the text gets made into a link and coloured blue.

    I also noticed that when the page color is blue, the link gets coloured black – maybe there’s a link? (pardon the pun).

    Hope this description is useful to you.

    Kind regards, Jared.

  8. I just noticed, that the link seems to be coloured black if the RGB components add up to less than 80 (e.g. rgb(26,26,26)).

  9. Darkroom used to work well.

    But now, always receive this error

    ‘EventType : clr20r3 P1 : darkroom.exe P2 : P3 : 44b9114e
    P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 4333ab80 P7 : 1e6e P8 : 0
    P9 : system.io.filenotfoundexception

    Any suggestion?

  10. John- my guess is that you have restore last file that was opened and moved or deleted that file. It just occurred to me that I do not trap that error!

  11. John – It is not what I thought, apparently I do catch for what I thought it might be. Does this happen when you first open dark room? I have been unable to get it to throw that specific error.

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