A few posts ago, I was talking about a pretty slick piece of productivity software named, WriteRoom. I have to admit that I had been using it quite a bit to accomplish quick burst writing. Unfortunately, a couple days ago I was forced to use Windows while I was working on some homework for Managerial Operations. I scoured the internet looking for a similar application for Windows only to find nothing.

The program itself is so simple; it is amazing that nothing like it exists. Actually, as far as fullscreen text editing is concerned, practically nothing exists. Granted, you can use Word and OpenOffice Writer to do a fullscreen mode that is somewhat similar, but the problem with those is that you are forced to use the traditional black on white, which is still pretty hard on the eyes.

I know there are any number of unpleasant fullscreen command line style text editors that are available, such as vim, emacs, etc… But, the problem with those is (from my perspective) that the text fills the entire screen. Now, trying to scan back and forth across the entire screen is a rather difficult and straining endeavor. Thus, one of the simple beauties of WriteBoard, it has a nice column in the center that you determine the width of.

The bottom line is there is nothing like it for Window. Or, I should more accurately say, there WAS nothing like it. :wink: I spent a couple hours yesterday, and a few minutes today developing an application that accomplishes the same thing. In fact, I am using it right now to type up this post and it is wonderful.

I have decided to make the application available to the world for download; however I am not releasing the source code, because I do not want to step on the developer’s of WriteRoom’s toes.

So, please use it and let me know what you think. There are definitely a few things that I am working on to make it the most pleasant experience possible. Perhaps the most nagging problem is the fact that I am not aware of a way to change the color of the scrollbar, so no matter what color combination you select, it is still the default color. I might just have to break down and write my own control. :???:

Anyhow, without further ado:

UPDATE: Dark Room has been moved to its own project page, which you can get to from the following link:

Dark Room Project Page